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"...unnoticed in my drab dress."
"...unnoticed in my drab dress."
[[Late Night Maudlin Street]]:
[[Late Night, Maudlin Street]]:
"They are taking me away in a police car..."
"They are taking me away in a police car..."

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Her book: ["By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept"] is a major source for lyrical influences:
Billy Budd:

"...because of what was in our eyes."

Do Your Best And Don't Worry:

"...unnoticed in my drab dress."

Late Night, Maudlin Street:

"They are taking me away in a police car..."
"Are you not convinced, inspector ? Do you not believe in love ?"


"..because you notice the jealousy of those that stay at home..."

Louder Than Bombs:

"...louder than bombs or screams or the inside ticking of remorse..."

Reel Around The Fountain:

" butterflies on pins."
"...reel around the cafe."

Shakespeare's Sister:

"...our bones groaned like old trees..."
"rocks below could promise certain death."

The Headmaster Ritual:

"...who grabs and devours ..."

Well I Wonder:

"... do you hear me where you sleep ?"
"... for it is the fierce last stand of all I have."
"...and cries out hoarsely my name in the night."

What She Said:

"I have learned to smoke because I need something to hold on to."
"...I wonder why no one has noticed that I am dead and taken the trouble to bury me"

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Elizabeth Smart (December 27, 1913 – March 4, 1986) was a Canadian poet and novelist. Her best-known work is the novel By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept (1945), an extended prose poem inspired by her romance with the poet George Barker.