Dublin, Ireland 2004-06-05 (Morrissey concert)

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Morrissey Live
Tour You Are The Quarry Tour
Date 5 June, 2004
Venue Dublin Castle, Heineken Green Energy Festival
Location Dublin, Ireland
Opening Act

Set List [1]

Concert Notes

  • This concert is notable for being the last time Alain Whyte shared a stage with Morrissey.
  • It is also the show where Morrissey made his infamous "Ronald Regan died today; it should have been Bush" remark.

Live Recordings

This concert was recorded and broadcast on the radio.

Unofficial Recordings

The broadcast was captured and has been released.

Green-front.jpg Portions of this concert are available on the Green Energy bootleg CD, minus the following songs: First Of The Gang To Die, Hairdresser On Fire, I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday and I Have Forgiven Jesus.
How-berlin-front.jpg The How Soon Is Berlin? bootleg CD also contains portions of this concert, minus the same four songs as Green Energy.

MP3 versions are available at the usual places.

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References And Notes

  1. Set List provided by Joseph Kelly / Morrissey-Solo