Drag The River

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Cover art. (Original digital cover art including clone stamp).
Name Drag The River
Album/Single World Peace Is None Of Your Business (Deluxe Edition)
Length 4:40
Recorded Winter 2014
Writer Morrissey/Boorer
Producer Joe Chiccarelli



Drag the river and within her you may find a sliver

Of the one of whom you speak and whom they seek She would gaze into the river as we’d look into a mirror And her reflection would beckon her to "Join me, join me, join me, join me. Happy we will be"

On the coastal shore I’m sure you’d break down if you saw An abhorrent torrent crashing as it pours The countercurrent holds a secret at the rise of tide And it swells all alone for this heart born too high "So join me, join me, join me, join me." I’m certain I heard her cry

By the river the soul of submersible stone Every second of my life prepares to go She would call into the river as she’d cry out for her mother So stark, so haunt, deep enough for all I want "Oh join us, join us, join us, join us And happy we will be"


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