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Name Morrissey
Album/Single Everyday Is Like Sunday
Length 3:04
Writer Morrissey/Street
Producer Stephen Street


Disappointed was the B-side to the single Everyday Is Like Sunday , released 31 May 1988


Our unsleepable friend
gets the message on an ill-wind
'all your friends and your foes
would rather die than have to touch you'
TO SAY THE LEAST: truly disappointed
truly, truly, truly
Drank too much
said too much
and there's nowhere to go - but down
young boy - I wanna help you
SEE THESE LINES?: truly disappointed
oh, truly, truly, truly
Don't talk to me now
about people who are "nice"
'cause I have spent my WHOLE LIFE
in RUINS...
because of people who were "nice"
This world may lack style, I know
but each bud must blossom and grow
Young girl one day we really will be old
but the thing is: I love you NOW
This is the last song I will ever sing
No, I've changed my mind again


  • Morrissey - Vocals
  • Stephen Street - Bass guitar, guitars
  • Vini Reilly - Guitars, keyboard
  • Andrew Paresi - Drums
  • John Metcalfe - Viola
  • Fenella Barton - Violin
  • Mark Davies - Cello
  • Richard Koster - Violin
  • Robert Wollard - Cello
  • Rachel Maguire - Cello
  • Producer - Stephen Street
  • Assistant Engineer - Steve Williams
  • Art co-ordination - Jo Slee
  • Layout - Caryn Gough
  • Photography - Anton Corbijn
  • Photography - Steve Wright

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