Dios Malos

Dios Malos


Originally called "Dios".

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American indie rock band formed in 2002 in Hawthorne, California. In 2004, the band was forced to change their name from dios after Ronnie James Dio filed a cease-and-desist order claiming the name dios was too similar to Ronnie’s own band, Dio.

Line-up: Joel Morales: vocals, guitar, keyboards John Paul Caballero: bass James Cabez DeVaca: keyboards Jackie Monzon: drums

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The band dios (malos), formerly "dios" before summer 2004, is a music group originally out of Hawthorne, California. The band consists of singer-songwriter Joel Morales, keyboard players James Cabeza de Vaca and Edwin Kampwirth, bassist John Paul Caballero, and drummer Patrick Butterworth. In 2004 they released their (then) self-titled record dios on StarTime to generally positive reviews. Pitchfork Media rated the album 8.0 out of 10 and said it made California pop "a little less predictable". A follow-up album, dios (malos) was less well received, garnering 6.1 from Pitchfork.