Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory


From Morrissey's Dick Gregory death statement - SER Photography / Facebook (August 20, 2017):

"Dick Gregory, America's last hope, dies, aged 84.
He knew how all aspects of the human condition connect to politics.
He was a man of thought and a man of action, when most of us cannot manage to be just one of either. He worked breathlessly - work, words, deeds. He demanded for all what was snatched by the few. He disturbed the White House, and he was too quick for the American print media. They will be pleased that he now ceases to be amongst us ... as we are left with earth-threatening Trump, who will race into war in search of peace."

20 August 2017

Image used as a backdrop in 2015 during World Peace Is None Of Your Business (single).

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Richard Claxton Gregory (October 12, 1932 – August 19, 2017) was an American comedian, actor, writer, activist and social critic. His writings were best sellers. Gregory became popular among the African-American communities in the southern United States with his "no-holds-barred" sets, poking fun at the bigotry and racism in the United States. In 1961 he became a staple in the comedy clubs, appeared on television, and released comedy record albums.Gregory was at the forefront of political activism in the 1960s, when he protested the Vietnam War and racial injustice. He was arrested multiple times and went on many hunger strikes. He later became a speaker and author, primarily promoting spirituality. Gregory died of heart failure, aged 84, at a Washington, D.C., hospital in August 2017.

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