Denver, Colorado 2014-05-17 (Morrissey concert)

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Morrissey Live
Tour World Peace Is None Of Your Business Tour
Date May 17, 2014
Venue Ellie Caulkins Opera House
Location Denver, Colorado
Opening Act Kristeen Young

Pre-Show News

Concert date was announced through a True To You statement on 13 February, 2014.[1]

Set List[2]

Concert Notes

Between Song Banter[3]

Before the opening song:
"If you're looking for trouble, you've come to the right place."

Between I Have Forgiven Jesus and I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris:
"That's very kind of you. You'll be pleased to know I'm now ready to convulse. So, for God's sake, stand back."

Between I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris and World Peace Is None Of Your Business:
"With all the many changes that are happening throughout the world, you might think the world is having a nervous breakdown. But it really isn't. It's getting better. People are waking up and being motivated. No more dictators. No more shit. So, do not be fooled into believing that world peace is none of your business."

Between World Peace Is None Of Your Business and Yes, I Am Blind:
"And of course freedom is not just meant for humans. I drove past, today I drove past the Denver Zoo which hosts 4000 animals from around the globe, but I suppose all they should really say is 4000 trapped, unhappy, suicidal, unfree animals. THings must change. (Then he shouts something like "Free them" or "See them" I can't figure out.)

Between Yes, I Am Blind and Life Is A Pigsty:
"I have to confess, I have absolutely no idea who Elie Caulkins is, but I assume she was on Gilligan's Island or something. Yes? Do you know?(Pass the mic asking people who she is and nobody knows.) Are you American? Are you sure? Nothing? Somebody must know who she is, unless, unless of course like most very wealthy people they buy their own opera house…and…am I wrong Julia? (And Julia says "No, that's usually about the way things work.") "Thank you Julia." (And then he says something that may be "I knew I was right." but maybe not.)

Between Life Is A Pigsty and The Bullfighter Dies:
By some extraordinary twist of fate we are about to release a new CD, LP! And this song is called, if you care, this song is …do you care? (Crowd cheers) MMmmmmmm, how much? (Crowd cheers) Well, next time you're in Target look out for my little CD, from which the Bullfighter dies."

Between The Bullfighter Dies and To Give (The Reason I Live):
"I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to laugh. (Matt counts out song with sticks and somebody missed their cue and band stops abruptly.) "Well, now I have a reason."

Between To Give (The Reason I Live) and Meat Is Murder:
"You're very understanding. Also today while I was driving in, I drove through Greeley, which is, which is of course the murder capital of Colorado…and if you don't believe me, ask a cow." (Crowd knows Greeley, they boo'd)

Between Earth Is The Loneliest Planet and Trouble Loves Me:
"Are you feeling under the weather?"(crowd mumbling) "I'm still standing." (mumbling undecipherable banter)

Between Earth Is Trouble Loves Me and I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday:

After first aborted One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell:
"I'm alive. Jesse? What should we do now? I can take it."

After second aborted One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell:
"Thank you."

Lyric Changes[3]

Life Is A Pigsty:
Lyric during final "I'm falling in love again" changed to "I am in love again."

Band Introduction[3]

Between Meat Is Murder and Everyday Is Like Sunday:
"Will you please put something together and welcome on keyboard, Gustavo Manzur.
All the way from from somewhere on guitar, Jesse Tobias.
Playing the drums, Matthew Walker.
Playing the bass, Solomon Walker.
And yonder, Boz Boorer."

Live Recordings

A very good sounding recording of this concert was captured and released by Morrissey Solo user Fatah Ruark. Recording details and MP3 and FLAC download links available here.

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References And Notes

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