Damien Dempsey

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Damien Dempsey


Supported tour dates circa 2004 & 2016.
Wrote a poem about Morrissey shared via true-to-you.net ("ORDINARY POEM BY AN ORDINARY MAN FOR THE POET MORRISSEY", November 10, 2014):

Morrissey, one of the greatest poets of any century

I sometimes reckon I'd rather a frontal lobe lobotomy than be cursed with a brain of such searing primed lyrical monumental pain

For I have sorely realized that to overtly analyze and incessantly scrutinize entices demons to set up camp in the cranium

Yet Steven pat ventures into these very camps looks these terrors up and down with a magnificent frown

and bursts into sublime siren song seduces them by the flickering firelight then lies in their Araby tents with them all night long dreaming of an even more malevolent camp to come

then at dawn sneaks away before they ready the cage back to the studio, then stage and with lust loathing and rage sings their praise as they weep for his absence through this maze of apathy this sage soldiers on gallantly through the storm

gracefully, forcefully, valiantly, I think he's rubbing off on me

this damned elusive Morrissey

Damien Dempsey 2014

In October of 2004, Damien released "Seize The Day" via Attack Records.

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Irish singer and songwriter born in Donaghmede, Dublin in 1975.

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Damien Dempsey (born 9 June 1975) is an Irish singer and songwriter who mixes traditional Irish folk contemporary lyrics that deliver social and political commentaries on Irish society. Damien sings in his native, working-class accent in the English language, and to a lesser extent in the Irish language.