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| Name = Craig Gannon
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Craig Gannon is an English musician and guitarist, who worked briefly with [[The Smiths]] and [[Morrissey]].
Craig Gannon joined The Smiths between March and May of 1986, between the end of their early February shows in Ireland and before the May release of [[Bigmouth Strikes Again (single) | Bigmouth Strikes Again]].  He was originally recruited to play bass when [[Andy Rourke]] was dismissed from the band for a drug addiction.  This dismissal was short lived.  When Rourke returned to the band, Craig became the second guitarist.  His first live show with The Smiths was on [[Glasgow,_Scotland_1986-07-16_(The_Smiths_concert) | 16th July, 1986]].
His final live show was on [[Manchester,_England_1986-10-30_(The_Smiths_concert)| 30th October, 1986]] at the Manchester Free Trade Hall.  He was dismissed from the band shortly afterwards.
He has since composed music for film and television.

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Name Craig Gannon
Born 30 July 1966
Hometown Manchester, England
Years Active 1983 - Present
Record Labels Various
Associated Acts The Smiths
The Bluebells
Aztec Camera
The Adult Net
Terry Hall
Alison Moyet
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English guitarist, born 30 July 1966 in Manchester, England, UK.

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