Charlottesville, Virginia 1992-11-20 (Morrissey concert)

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Morrissey Live
Tour Your Arsenal Tour
Date 20 November, 1992
Venue Performing Arts Center
Location Charlottesville, Virginia
Opening Act

Set List [1]

Unofficial Recordings

A fair quality recording exists of this show; however the last few tracks on the commonly circulated version of the bootleg are actually from different shows, and, though still audience-sourced, are of (arguably) slightly better quality. Notably, this bootleg contains a live rendition of Let The Right One Slip In.

All tracks recorded in Charlottesville, Virginia on November 19, 1992 except:

Tracks 18-19: Recorded in Orlando, FL on Nov. 15, 1992, UCF Arena
Track 20: Recorded in New York City, NY on Nov. 25, 1992, Roseland

References And Notes

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