Charles: the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible - (May 15, 2015)

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Prince Charles, the meat industry & animal welfare


The power elite usually defines an anarchist as a law-breaking radical from the lower orders. Interestingly, the most anarchic and non-cohesive behavior in modern Britain comes from the inner circle of the power elite, those too ennobled to bother about law; the case of Lord Janner, Leon Brittan, Harry Battenberg allegedly killing endangered hen harriers just for fun (predictably no charge brought against him, and so on - you know the drill). This week it was revealed that Charles Battenberg (you are ordered to call him Prince Charles, for he comes from a self-elected monarchy to whom the British people have never consented) has endorsed the 'culling' (meaning 'killing') of badgers, as he commented to Tony Blair:

I, for one, cannot understand how the 'badger lobby' seem to mind not at all about the slaughter of thousands of expensive cattle, and yet object to a managed cull of an over-population of badgers.

Charles, please understand this: there are very many gentle and considerate people who consider your own family to be over-populated. Would you therefore endorse a similar 'cull'? After all, badgers do not take two hundred million pounds per year from the British people - as your family does. If Britain were democratic, the great unheard herd might be allowed their say on the matter. However, in the United Kingdom the real truth persistently battles against the permitted truth. And this is how we live.

What the comments of Charles reveal (yet again) is that the Battenbergs are not England, and in fact know nothing about it, and neither does Charles have the intelligence to understand that all beings suffer equally, whether they be badgers or humans.

The concern from intelligent beings on the issue of cattle slaughter is immense and global, and animal rights have become the major social justice issue on the planet. The meat industry is a global disaster and is absolutely responsible for global warming. Methane from cattle belches is destroying the ozone layer, whilst drugs to keep chickens and other animals alive in crowded conditions have inflicted humans with new and powerful diseases (bird flu, swine flu, Mad Farmer's Disease, etc); the rain forest is being destroyed a mile a minute to raise cattle for meat production, and the aquifers are being sucked dry by cattle ranching. Top soil is depleted to grow crops inefficiently in order to feed "livestock", and ground water is contaminated from pig and chicken farming. Although meat production is the main cause of climate change, very mysteriously this had no mention in any key note speeches for the recent UK elections! This is because the people with vested interests in animal slaughter are very wealthy, and any public knowledge of the disaster mechanics of factory-farming threatens the economic dependency of the elite. This is why Charles supports killing badgers - because badgers allegedly limit the farmer's capacity to make even more money, and in the world of Charles, money matters more than compassion. The world has exploded with new discoveries for healthy eating, yet we have never seen a TV commercial that is anti-dairy. The new slogan for McDonalds is "we don't give a fork" - and never were words more truthfully revealed. The biggest threat to the survival of this planet is the meat industry. Meat is more dangerous for humans than tobacco. CO2, methane and nitrous oxide caused from "livestock" are rapidly killing our waterways. No country has yet developed a weapon of mass destruction so lethal to the planet as the meat industry. Yet zero meat is required for a healthy diet, and two billion beings are savagely ripped limb from limb every single week in torture chambers far worse than anything devised by the Nazis. For Charles, this isn't enough - he wants more carnage - get the badgers ... guns! guns! kill! kill! There just cannot be enough guns and bloodshed for the Battenberg household. Being in possession of firearms is thought to be quaintly traditional should your name be William or Harry, but not if you live in reduced circumstances in Brixton where such possession will clank you in prison as the dividing line drops deeper by the day. Meanwhile, greenhouse gas emissions from livestock are 50% higher than emissions from all combined forms of transport! Yet never once a TV commercial for a vegan product! There are over 600 million vegetarians in the world! Whilst the British media wonder why the public has become so overwhelmingly unconvinced by British politics, they are unable to penetrate the question: having survived Thatcher and Blair and politicians' expenses scandals and the self-serving waywardness of the Crown Prosecution Service, for what reasons would any of us ever again believe? It is the British establishment that is anarchic, lawless, unruly and destructive, and each time you vote you support the process.

On his first day of his new term back at school, David Cameron said that he will implement all of the Conservative Party Manifesto, which includes giving Parliament the opportunity to repeal the fox-hunting bill. More guns! More killing! And yet we are asked to feel appalled at gun-gangs in Camberwell. But what's the difference? This is the face of modern Britain, and although David Cameron announces war on benefit scroungers (by which he means poor people), he is not at all unhappy about the latest Palace birth - which is yet another burden on the taxpayer. But while we expect nothing at all from the Battenbergs (they are intellectually incapable), the meat industry is very obviously a crime against humanity, and one of unimaginable terror, and the fact that it is protected so aggressively by the British power elite is an indication of its evil. The fact that Charles can only refer to cattle in terms of their market value is further proof that the UK establishment of 2015 is remote, cruel and obsolete. The only key to a caring society is extending care to all beings. Meat shits on the world. Buy a hamburger and support climate change.

Charles, you're out of time. Relieve Britain of your abysmal family and please, I beg of you, quietly resign.

Morrissey 14 May 2015.

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