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Feb 1976 Pete Shelley real name Peter McNeish (born 1955 - died 2018), Howard Devoto real name Howard Trafford (born 1952). They decide to start a band and chance upon a headline: "It's The Buzz, Cock!"

Apr 1, 1976 Pete Shelley - guitar, Howard Devoto - vocals, Garth Davies (Smith) - bass, Mick Singleton - drums. Notes: One gig. No released recordings.

Jul 20, 1976 - Feb 1977 Pete Shelley - Starway guitar, Howard Devoto - vocals, Steve Diggle (born 1956) - bass, John Maher - drums

Mar 11, 1977 - Oct 7, 1977 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar John Maher - drums, Garth Smith - bass

Nov 1977 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, John Maher - drums, Barry Adamson (on loan from MAGAZINE) - bass Barry Adamson filled in on bass while they held auditions for a permanent bassist. This lineup played 6 dates in November to complete a tour. No released recordings.

Nov 1977 - Mar 6, 1981, (reformed) 1989, (reformed again) Jan 29 - Feb 18, 1992 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, keyboards, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals, John Maher - drums, Steve Garvey (born 1958) - bass The reformed group toured, but released no studio recordings. In 1992 they performed 11 gigs in Europe. There were no studio recordings.

Jan 31, 1990 - Dec 22, 1991 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals Steve Garvey - bass, Mike Joyce (ex VICTIM, ex SMITHS) - drums

Apr 21 - May 7, 1992 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals, Steve Garvey - bass, Steve Gibson (ex ICICLE WORKS) - drums. Ten gig tour in Australia and New Zealand. No released recordings.

Aug 25, 1992 - Apr 21, 2006 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals Tony Barber - bass, Phil Barker - drums

Apr 21, 2006 - December 6, 2018 Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals Tony Barber - bass, Danny Farrant - drums

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Buzzcocks are an English punk rock band that singer-songwriter-guitarist Pete Shelley and singer-songwriter Howard Devoto formed in Bolton in 1976. During their career, the band combined elements of punk rock, power pop, and pop punk. They achieved commercial success with singles that fuse pop craftsmanship with rapid-fire punk energy; these singles were later collected on Singles Going Steady, an acclaimed compilation album music journalist and critic Ned Raggett described as a "punk masterpiece". Devoto left the band in 1977, after which Pete Shelley became the principal singer-songwriter. The classic lineup of Shelley, Steve Diggle (guitar), Steve Garvey (bass) and John Maher (drums) recorded Buzzcocks' first three albums, after which the band broke up in 1981 following a dispute with their record label. The band reunited in 1989 and released six more albums before Shelley's death in 2018. Prolific members during that time included Tony Barber (bass) and Phil Barker (drums). The band has remained active, being anchored by long-time guitarist Diggle, who has since also assumed lead vocal duties. As of 2019, the band consists of Diggle, Danny Farrant (drums), Chris Remington (bass) and touring member Mani Perazzoli (guitar, backing vocals). This line-up released the band's tenth album, Sonics in the Soul in 2022.