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The characters Dallow, Spicer, Pinkie & Cubitt, as mentioned in Now My Heart Is Full, are characters in this film adaptation & novel.
From Autobiography:

"At Heathrow Airport I sit next to Sir Richard Attenborough – once a fresh young Pinkie in the 1947 film of Brighton Rock. ‘Does it all seem like a hundred years ago?’ I ask him. ‘Oh much more than that,’ he smiles, but he then looks understandably dumbfounded as I ask him about James Hayter."

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Brighton Rock (US: Young Scarface) is a 1948 British gangster film noir directed by John Boulting and starring Richard Attenborough as violent gang leader Pinkie Brown (reprising his West End role of three years earlier), Rose Brown (Carol Marsh) as the innocent girl he marries, and Ida Arnold (Hermione Baddeley) as an amateur sleuth investigating a murder he committed.The film was adapted from the 1938 novel Brighton Rock by Graham Greene, and was produced by Roy Boulting through the Boulting brothers' production company Charter Film Productions. The title comes from the old-fashioned candy "a stick of rock": Ida in the film says that like Brighton rock she doesn't change—as the name Brighton stays written the whole way through.