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* Photography - [[Travis Shinn]] (group)<br>
* Photography - [[Travis Shinn]] (group)<br>
==Live History==
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Cover art
Name Because Of My Poor Education
Album/Single I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Years Of Refusal (iTunes only)
Length 2:56
Recorded Autumn-Winter 2007
Writer Morrissey/Whyte
Producer Jerry Finn



Because of my poor education

I don't expect your invitation A ship lost inches away from the bay

Because of my poor education I can't endure my situation This here is my bed and I must lie

Because of this strange indentation I live my life without affection Kind-hearted view me and say: "Thank God that's not me..."

Once I was sure I had found my hero And I allowed myself to think so Reality is not real to me


Live History

Play count (Morrissey concert): 25

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