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Barbarism Begins At Home: Incomplete B-Sides Vol. One (LP bootleg)

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Front Cover
Back Cover
THE SMITHS Bootleg Album
Name Barbarism Begins At Home: Incomplete B-Sides Vol. One
Recorded Various Dates and Locations
Art work
Publisher Torture Tunes (TT-5150)[1]
Format(s) LP
Bootleg Album
Barbarism Begins At Home: Incomplete B-Sides Vol. One
Before Love

Track List

Side A

  1. This Charming Man (Special 12" Only Mix.)
  2. Accept Yourself (Special 12" Recording)
  3. Wonderful Woman
  4. Jeane
  5. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
  6. Work Is A Four Letter Word (12" Recording)

Side B

  1. Unloveable (Special 12" Only Recording)
  2. Money Changes Everything
  3. This Charming Man (New York) (Instrumental Mix)
  4. Suffer Little Children
  5. What's The World (Live Glasgow 1985/EP B-Side)

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