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Cover art
Name Asian Rut
Album/Single Kill Uncle
Length 3:22
Recorded Autumn-Winter 1990
Writer Morrissey/Nevin
Producer Clive Langer
Alan Winstanley


Day, oh so late,

Strangely the sun still shone Oh, Asian boy - what are you on?

Day, oh so late, Strangely the sun still shone Oh, Asian boy - what drugs are you on?

Tooled-up Asian boy Has come to take revenge For the cruel, cold killing of his very best friend

Tooled-up Asian boy Has come avenge the cruel, cold killing Of his only friend

There's peace through our school It's so quiet in the hall It's a strange sign for one Of what's to come

Tough and cold and pale Oh, they may just impale you on railings Oh, English boys - it must be wrong; three against one?

Brakes slammed and his gun jammed And as far as I could tell Brave Asian boy was dealt a blow and fell

I'm just passing through here On my way to somewhere civilized And maybe I'll even arrive Maybe I'll even arrive?


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Play count (Morrissey concert): 60

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