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Amsterdam, Netherlands 1984-04-21 (The Smiths concert)

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The Smiths Live Concert
Tour The Smiths Tour
Date 21 April, 1984
Venue De Meervaart
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening Act

Set List [1]

Live Recordings

Unofficial Recordings

Miserable-Lies-Front.jpg This concert has been released on the [[Miserable Lies (LP bootleg)|Miserable Lies bootleg LP. This release is incomplete. The following songs are omitted: Hand In Glove, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now and You've Got Everything Now.

Portions of this concert were released on the Boyfriend In A Coma bootleg LP.

A lossless version is available at Smiths Torrents. MP3 versions are available at the usual places.

References And Notes

  1. Set List provided by Passions Just Like Mine