Ambitious Outsiders

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Name Ambitious Outsiders
Album/single Maladjusted
Length 3:55
Writer/composer Morrissey/Whyte
Producer Steve Lillywhite
Release August 1997
Recorded Winter 1996



Bolt-lock your doors, alarm your cars And still we move in closer every day Top of the list is your smiling kids But we'll be smiling, too, so that's OK

Oh, and by the way thank you Because you're giving, giving, giving And we're receiving -no, no - we're taking Keeping the population down

Your taxes paid, but police waylaid And we knows when the school bus comes and goes We're on your street, but you don't see us Or, if you do you smile and say "Hello"

BUT DON'T UNDERESTIMATE US When you are giving, giving, giving And we're receiving - no, no - we're taking Just keeping the population down

You're giving, giving, giving Well, it's your own fault for reproducing We're just keeping the population down

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