Yes, just me

I fell to sleep so early. 6. I woke up at 10..I feel sad, strangely upset , bitter because of trying to understand people like Dolores O Riordan...

"Maybe it is all just heartburn!"

Dead.. Yes, She is dead at 46 yrs of age!!!

Crazy! how lives we set in front of our eyes ears hearts can affect us. Even from afar. "Be careful Monkey!"

I have felt her grief her concerns, her pain.

I guess, I know! I just see it all so, Clear. Yes, life , Eeven my life, is A God given gift.

I love all of lifes beauty!!! Allll of it.
The good and the bad. Not the ugly No not the ugly, not acceptable not the mean devious that ugly smirk, devious smiles. I see them from a mile! Id kill if I had to.
I need my strenght.
We do become frail. Yes you have.
Yet, my hopes my strength is still strong. I now, feel far from frail. My life vitality is in tact. I see it as more to come. Yet, it is a true battle for me because I, yes I feel so deeply.

Come on, I tug, you pull. I'll pull another dark day, for you....

Thank you I am A, ok!
It is still just enough.
Ill see you tomorrow.
I took my Yin yang tonight.
I took, I chose the beauty of it, All!

Marisela, Yes just me.


Hi it's redpathetic. I'll never forget her singing Zombie. A gorgeous voice.

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