wtf, why do I have to do this twice!

Dear China,

4 am here, day after National Day and well, just couldn't sleep. the fireworks are over, though the smell still permeates the air as I smoke this 555 ciggie.
its like this, I knew what I was getting into when I came here, I thought, but before I was in Chengdu, Sichuam province, pretty, happy, outgoing people made of a possibly unique population of various ethnic groups which came together to from their own. Jiangsu aint like that, here everybody is the same and in my city they all seem pissed that their "tier 2" according to the Party bosses.
all that aside though, the break point for me is the racism, today I saw this muslim Chinese vendor, bought this fanstastic leg of lamb from him, ate it, then had him pack up six uncooked but seasoned one for me to take home, a big sale to be sue around here, he was happy, but as I walked away I saw Chinese cops hassling him and man I wanted to act, but I didn't, bit ashamed of that, even though I know discretion is the better part of valor. Having said that, just like that, its over, I may not leave for years, but the fantasy is broken, Im not saying ur evil and I hate you, but I hate what I see here too much and I must figure out if I can teach ur children English when I cannot deny you are as morally bankrupt as us in the West, just differently so...


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