van bunny


Vin? :)
Nice self portrait Vinnie-bunny!
I can see you were inspired, hope you didn't empty the bottle of absinth completely.
Interesting drug indeed.

The smoke coming from your pipe reminds me of the ghost of Alladin Sane. Whenever the lamp was polished.
Time to settle your dispute with your fellow bunny-painter Gaugain.

Don't destroy eachothers paintings, I know he can be a pain in the bunny-arse but as he probably had the other half of the bottle of absinth you should forgive him.

This reminds me of the philosophical debate between Picasso-bunny and Matisse-bunny.
As Picasso-bunny considered himself to be the great, new and modern painter, and the inventor of cubism (which he wasn't, that was Juan Gris-bunny) he said to Matisse-bunny, I make a cylinder from a bottle. As to which Matisse-bunny replied, I make a bottle from a cylinder. ;)

I like your fantasy and the honest and not bothered, (should I say shameless? It IS meant as a compliment!) expression of it. That is quite artistic but not willfully "arty".

The dream you mentioned about the song Mama, Lay Softly On The Riverbed being as written by Theo for his brother Vincent was touching and involving too. :love:
haha, glad you like it! yes, very unbothered. i was stuffing my face with chocolate as i did it and laughing about the idea of a bunny cutting off his ear. now if only i had had some absinth to go along with the chocolate, i may have gotten really creative! (i did want to give him a little artists smock but it proved much too difficult!)

funny story about picasso-bunny and matisse-bunny. i just love these artist guys <3
Oh, you're an artist yourself. No question about that.
Everything you posted convinced me from the first post I read.
You know artists inspire other artists in so many ways.
In all kinds of ways. Intellectually, emotionally, as in feelings of melancholia and in laughter.
I like your bunny-fantasy a lot cause it is imaginative and funny and authentic.
you must think im quite mad laughing out loud for no reason! actually i was responding to calamine lotion harassing me, but she seems to have removed her post. or perhaps my reporting it actually worked (would be shocked if it did).
No, I didn't. :)
I just assumed you read it again and laughed about it cause you thought it funny.
I did wonder though about the Calamine Lotion comment cause after the alert I received about her posting something on your blog about Vinnie, I couldn't find it, cause as I know now from you she already removed it.
I just saw your comment : Lol.
And the date saying today.
I'm not really interested that much in what she had to say, just curious.
I guessed I finally convinced you about the positive effects of rereading, in this case the Vinnie-blog. :D

As the great author Jorge Luis Borges said: Rereading is of a more deserving nature, it is more surprising and you stumble on more new and surprising insights. Wondering me about why I missed then in the first place. :rolleyes: As he also stated it is of a more civilized nature, providing you the chance to focus in and out on details you suddenly realized you missed. Some kind of "Eureka" experience which was mentioned by Archimedes!

I'm currently thinking about how to supply you the idea for the mesmerizing, all conquering literary novel which would provide you with the money you have the right to receive!
I will give it to you but I don't think any publisher nowadays would recognize the talent and the exquisite nature it presents as they are all quite clueless and talentless themselves.

And as I experienced, I value totally different things, artistic wise, it might not receive the critical acclaim I initially thought it could have. But you never know! Stranger things have happened and could happen again!
Give me some more time as I need to think it through carefully how to put it in words to you without you feeling disappointed by the idea. And it is not a completely layed out concept you can just copy!
You will need to recreate it and add your own direction.
I will let you know! :thumb:
oh what a relief to receive an update regarding your idea! i thought you had totally forgotten about this poor bunny. to make money would be nice, obviously, but really what i am looking for is justification for my directionless lifestyle. if i can say "i am a writer" and actually have written something to back that up, then i can say "this is what i have been doing with my time". i find you can justify all sorts of messes by saying that it's because you're "creative" or "artistic" or "passionate". of course, i will eventually need money--just enough to keep me in blazers and castles and allow my morrissey stalking lifestyle to assert itself. someone--was it you? no, i think it was a former poster here--was telling me about pasolini and what he said when he was making a film: that he shouldnt have anxiety about it because in another universe it has already been made (or something like that). well, in another universe the novel has already been written and the money made! so let us not fret about people recognizing the brilliance of our ideas, but instead push on in the name of art!
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