trains and falling leaves

I love this time of year. I'm watching the leaves swirl and dance in the wind, to the sound of the trains nearby. So beautiful and romantic. Time to slow down with the pace and grace of Nature. Balance is needed in life, especially when the world has gone insane. Don't you know that we are all people of the Earth, flowers in the same garden. At least for right now. Some of us may have come from and lived in other star systems in other times. All life is important. Remember that.

Yesterday before work I picked up my library order so that I would have it on my days off. The librarians are starting to get a bit chatty with me, kind of like how we used to talk to customers at the record store where I used to work. Always throws me off a bit, as I'm used to everyone being so solemn at library counters, so I probably appear like a deer in the headlights when they say HELLO!...I mean, ahhhhh!, haha.

But it's nice, as they are pretty cool and apparently we have similar taste with the cds, books, and dvds I check out. Don't even talk to me about streaming, that's a sea of noise I don't want in my house. I'll get the free stuff. Heh heh.

The first floor of the main library downtown is nothing but vinyl, cds, and's amazing...and it's all free.

Well, away for now. I hope to see more blog posters over here. Else it looks like I'm taking up the whole page, which I don't want to do.


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