Took a road trip last weekend it was me and my mom and cousins and aunt and uncle.We went to celebrate my great aunts birthday.It was a six hour drive there and we came back the same day.It was nice to see the realtives on my mom`s side.My mom said she was just happy to get me out of house as I really have not been up to going out lately.

Today was my Mom`s birthday.We had a dinner for her.It went well.She has been better as she is still getting over her brother`s death.She still misses him though.He was her little brother.She was having a hard time getting over it because she saw him die and it was very traumatic for her.

Tomorrow or should I say later today I see my psych.I am going to have to tell him that I`ve not been well.I just feel so blue.It`s difficult getting out of bed (that is when I do get to sleep).Somedays I wish I could stay there all day.I am also so moody.It seems like everything irritates me.I just can`t stand myself sometimes.I get so upset I end up cutting myself.Sometimes it`s the only thing that makes me feel better.I know that`s weird but it`s true.Let`s see what my psych says tomorrow.:tears::(

My Heart Is Broke But I Have Some Glue Help Me Inhale And
Mend It With You


I'm not sure how cutting works psychologically, but can you cut something else and get the same relief? Can you cut a branch or something?
CrystalGeezer;bt113 said:
I'm not sure how cutting works psychologically, but can you cut something else and get the same relief? Can you cut a branch or something?

You know maybe I could.But honestly it works so well for me.Well then again maybe not.Because you have to keep doing it to get relief.
Thank you very much for you comment though.:)
timeisaclockoftheheart;bt122 said:
'I am damaged...
The incident is past,
But the pain persists;
I reluctantly, at times, fearfully,
Go about my present daily life.
I am damaged...
Not by subterfuge,
Sweet words of insincerity, or lies,
But through unfathomable meanness
And brutal cruelty.
I am damaged...
The world closed in about my soul,
Suddenly becoming an alien land,
And I had coldly been deprived of the passport
Which heretofore had allowed my spirit unfettered movement.
I am damaged...
But, in talking to others, also damaged,
I have come to realize that I am alive, not dead;
That the world goes on around me, and about me,
And that I am empowered if I choose to be so.
I am damaged...
But, by reaching out and learning to trust those who are worthy of trust,
I will be able to re-build my life;
It will never be quite the same as it was,
So I must strive to make it better.
I am damaged...
But with the passage of time, and the help of sincere people who care about me,
I learn to move more steadily, more confidently, each day,
Toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am damaged...
But I am not broken.'

Take care Tibby

Thank You again:):)

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