Things Have Been Bad

Things have not been going to well.Everyone has noticed my depression is getting worse.I have been very moody and my mother has even told me she never knows what kind of mood I`m going to wake up in.She told me a bunch of things I never knew like she used to lock her bedroom door at night because of the she said I looked at her.That really shocked me.I have also been cutting myself alot more.I just can`t stand myself right now.I am such a terrible mess.Things have not been going well

What A Terrible Mess I`ve Made Of My Life


I am really sorry to read all that Tibby. :straightface:

ps: sorry for the new name, in the old journal's I was called "exMr.White" then "se repenti fort" :o
Thanks Robby.It was good to hear from you.
have you ever thought about visiting a clinic?
sistasheila;bt145 said:
have you ever thought about visiting a clinic?

People have told me to.But I do have a doctor I see.

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