These Smiths

On May 3rd, I went to Ducie Bridge in Manchester with a lovely writer/former Manc band member, whom I have not asked for permission to divulge his name, so, as per MOW policy, he shall, here, remain nameless. Unless he reads this and says it's ok....
Isn't it nice to know what a confidant I can be?!
Better than a priest and psychiatrist, for sure!
Anyway, we saw a Smiths tribute band that just totally blew me away!
I wasn't expecting to get such a convincing Moz tone from anyone's voice, but he's really good.
The band are great, as well.
I don't think there was anyone at the show who wasn't having a smashing time.
I stood next to my date for the evening and the drummer's Dad. We had been talking here and there all night before he told me at the end of the gig that his son was the drummer. We went over and I met the front man and the drummer. I'd passed the bassist outside, crossing Corporation Street, but, I didn't know who he was until I saw him on stage.
We had a really great night!
We toddled over to a lovely hotel and had a few more drinks, ordered some lovely veggie grub and went and watched Bill Bailey's Qualmpeddler on telly.
Since I am utterly riveting conversationally, I put me date to sleep. I think he was just tired and tipsy, anyway, we're cool like that. We were insta-friends. He's absolutely lovely, very easy to talk to, get on with, just good people. I like him a lot.
There's more to this guy than he lets on.
I think he knows Moz personally.
He knows his Mum.
And he knows Joyce from school and Marr from round Wythenshawe way, as they say.
He had some very interesting inside info on an upcoming gig...wish to f*** I could tell. I'll get back to you on that! If there's any plausible deniability, perhaps it can be arranged. (might involve deleting this post)
Nobody wants cutting out of the loop if you're in, it's just not worth it. No momentary and forgettable bolstering of cool factor, no know-it-all satisfaction would justify the eternal ostracizing you'd suffer for releasing info that isn't meant for public consumption.
Only dickhead music journalists do that.
Like the ones from three letter publications that shall ALSO remain nameless because I know how those twats can be.
Anyway, I've meant to get this posted, but I have not done much of anything lately.
The only complaint I had was that the band didn't play for hours and hours. But, that room was hot as donkey balls and we were all suffering, especially Big Jimmy, (Moz). He's adorable, btw. Someone even suggested he take his shirt off, but it was a great shirt, I wouldn't have let a pack of middle aged people tear it up, pretending to be somewhere they weren't. It was such a Moz shirt.
Circa 1983-84.
I had to go and hug him and get me photo taken with him. I reckon, if that's the closest I ever get to a Smith's gig, due to the fact they broke up the year I turned 14, I'm doing okay.
Alright, enough rambling around.
Here is the clip.
His gladioli slinging is top notch!

That was from Harry Hill's Star In Their Eyes, where Jim Thompson performed.

Their website and related material on-line is as follows:

There you have it!
Let me know what you think!
Love you lot!


♡♡♡ Thank you, Charlie.

We never have Smiths tribute bands here so it's always great to watch these clips!

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