The Mouse.

A month ago, my mother and I went to the beach for two and half days. We took our dog to doggie day care to spend a few nights and we left the cat's home. Everyone had what they needed as far as food, water, and toys. ALL WAS WELL IN THE WORLD.

The beach was lovely. We went back to the little island where we once lived. It was sickening because it made me...homesick. We enjoyed seeing some old friends and going to all the places that we've missed all these years. It has been nearly 10 years since we left, and we want to go back so badly. Funny how that goes. I remember writing in one of my many journals here on solo, that I needed to leave the beach so that I could make a living in a big city. Oh, how stupid I was...I'd give anything to be there now, listening to the waves lull me to sleep. It really does make me sad.

Anyway, time to leave. So, we're driving back, plotting how we're going to escape back to the island, and no one will know how we did it....

We get home. Unpack the car. And, we're having tea and coffee at the table right before leaving to get our dog from day care. My mother looks over in the direction of the refrigerator and she says, 'What is that?"

ME: Where?
MOTHER: Under the refrigerator. What is that?
ME: I don''s a mouse!
ME: It's a mouse!!!!

She slams down the cup of coffee and looks directly at me. "GET. THAT. MOUSE. OUT OF HERE!!!!!!"

As though it was my fault it was here in the first place. Ok! How the hell am I supposed to do this?? GOOGLE!!

I read that they don't like the smell of clove. So, here I go pulling clove out of the drawer and placing it under the refrigerator and in the corners and along the walls. Then I open the very bottom drawer of the stove and I'm slinging clove all under there but as I lift my head, I see him sitting in the drawer to my side, just looking at me. Like, "hey...whatcha doin'..." My Mother freezes and she said, "You better grab him!" and I'm just sitting there staring at him and he's staring at me, and I don't want to grab him because GOD KNOWS he's going to jump on me.

And then he runs off. My Mother grumbling unpleasantries in my direction.

I am not one for snap traps so that was a no go for sure. So, I looked on google about how to humanely catch a mouse. I'd read about those traps that close the mouse in the trap without harming them before but didn't know how they worked. So, after a good read, I decided to order some from Amazon.

That night I slept with my lights on just in case I woke up and he was sitting on my chest looking at me.

The traps arrived the next day. I had read that mice love chocolate more than anything and then peanut butter secondly. So, I went out and bought Reece Cups. I filled the trap walls with the sweets and then set it out.

I still slept with the light on, and I didn't get much sleep at all. About 6:30am I heard the little trap door snap shut and my mother says, "OH! I think we have a mouser!"

And she sounds so happy now...

So, sure enough, I take a look and the little guy is looking up at me. I reach down and pick up the trap and he's just staring at me. And he's so cute. I can imagine him saying to me, "I like it here...can I stay?" I take him outside and gently pop him out of the trap and he just sits there, again looking at me. He doesn't seem afraid of me at all. I tap him on his head, and he runs off in the other direction. I can only hope he will be okay and not food for snakes or big hungry birds.

We have no idea how he got in the house as we don't have any other mice and we've never had mice before. The only thing we can think of is he was in the garage or on our patio when we opened the door, and he ran in. Who knows...but it will be unforgettable!


You were briefly revisited by the reincarnation of your Pier. He had a way of looking at you as well.

Hope your other animals are all fine after your vacation. And how great this place on the island must be!

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