The End of Faith ~ Sessions

Author Sam Harris reads his best selling book, The End of Faith (2004), in its entirety—with added commentary:

Chapter One


Lots of Pigsty threads have been vapourised 'accidently'. Make sure you've backed up your Atheist stuff, etc.

Trust you're well. Are you coming to the UK? It's pretty 'lively' here at the moment due to Brexit. LOL!
Really? Hadn't taken notice of that. I downloaded my blog. Wonder if we can save an entire thread as a PDF?

My mom and I had hoped to go to the UK this August but several obstacles got in the way. My stepfather's health took a quick turn for the worse and my mom had an intense last six months coordinating his care before he passed just a few months back. Then the building I lived in decided to convert the apartments into a bed and breakfast style lodge so I was forced to find a new home. Just moved in three weeks ago. It was for the best. Love my new place. It's new, bright, spacious and closer to work. And finally, I have been forced to spend thousands of my savings on an upcoming surgery.

We are hoping to go next August. Hopefully the situation over there will have sorted itself out by then.
Thanks Brummie. Funny thing is, I am at the happiest place I have ever been in my life. Surgery is corrective--a good thing. :) Mom is a trooper--adjusting quite well. And son is finally enrolled in college. The glass is way past half-full. :)
Just when you have to cancel UK trip, Morrissey announces August gig! Oh well! Que sera sera. If you ever do make it to these islands do get in touch. I run the show here.....covertly....LOL!

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