Summertime Blues


A friend recently turned me on to a site that allows designers to pitch designs. One particular project caught my eye; an opportunity to submit a design for an annual music compilation. The client, in their written brief, requested, "fluro colours, bold text and maybe a hint of Ibiza/summery imagery" and "feel instantly light, summery and put a smile on your face." Sound good so far.

The client also requested that the title should be the most dominant feature in the design and , oh yes, we have a logo, too; see what you can do with that as well. Not a biggy piggy.

I submitted my roughs in a nice presentation that included my bio, mood board, and my cut of the budget. Lo and behold, I was notified I was shortlist. Wow, shortlisted on my first try.

Sadly, it was not to be. I was close. I did the research; viewed what they did in the past and decided to offer something fresh. Below is what they actually went with; their 3D-rendered logo bursting with confetti.

Designer Life Lesson #109: clients love their logos. Use it to its optimum effect. Twice, if you must:



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