Sudden emergency

It's 1 am and i need to decompress. Just returned from the emergency service at the animal clinic. My cat was breathing through his open mouth again, plus the chronic rhinitis has returned, which means that he is sneezing constantly, mucus flying out of his nose everywhere.

Two days ago, i had described these symptoms to my vet on the telephone. She replied with, "in cats, this is serious." Nothing else, but i got an appointment for friday. Later, my mother, when she heard the cat sneezing through the telephone, told me to euthanize him asap.

This alerted me quite a lot, so i called the clinic, and they instructed me to come to them immediately, as mouth-breathing in cats is always an emergency, and that the cat might suffocate and die a horrible death.

So, off we went, 20 minute drive, fortunately there were only two more emergencies before us, and we had to wait for 40 minutes.
In the meantime he peed into his transport box and continued to sneeze and mouth-breath.

The vet was pretty young, but she had a good grip on the cat, and talked structuredly and based on a broad knowledge of symptoms. She offered me to euthanize him on the spot, or try another antibiotic, hoping that he would not suffocate tonight, so that i could call my vet tomorrow and arrange the euthanasia at home. She then left the room for ten minutes to get a syringe.

After her return, she suddenly surprised me by saying that his mouth-breathing might actually not tumor related, but just a symptom of his chronic rhinitis. Obviously, she had consulted someone in the meantime to get some help in this case. So, she said that keeping in mind that he is still eating and drinking and pooping regularly, she assumes that trying an antibiotic again might alleviate his discomfort and free his nose again. If it works, and he picks up, she would let him live a few more days, and then consider euthanasia. So, it was all about hope again, even though, just half an hour earlier, i had made my peace with the idea to euthanise him tomorrow, which is today.

Anyways, he looked much better at home, eating, drinking, and even rubbing against my legs, which he hasn't done for weeks. Could be the painkiller, though. I have to check on him in a minute and then finally i will try to find some rest as well.


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