Scared and Tired

I went to the psych today. I told him my anxiety was still very bad and that I still was having trouble sleeping. He prescribed lithium for me today. I`m really,really scared to take it after reading all about the side effects online.He thinks it might help with someone with my condition.:crazy:I`m still really scared though.I`ll also have to have my levels to checked.Which I read was blood draws.Right now I`m scared,upset and down.Sometimes I feel like I`m living in a nightmare.I just want to be better.I don`t want to have to take meds. I`m just so frightened and tired.Actually I am terrified.I wish I was someone else right now.I really wish I wasn`t me.


Some of the best advice I ever got was not to read about medicine side effects on the web before and shortly after taking a new med. Most of the stuff you will find is from people who didn't like it or had troubles. The people who it works for don't post stuff normally. Get a Dr you trust. Then take what they advise. If you have problems, call them straight away.

Really, there are lots of people for whom these drugs work. Here's hoping that you're one.
Thanks MozRecording. I really think that is great advice. :)

Thanks Again


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