Well that's just charming. I don't look at the site for ten days, I come back and suddenly my identity has been stolen and ten years of glorious blog...I mean, journal...writing has been erased. It was my tenth anniversary this year. And now ten years of my life are gone. Just like that.

I'm sure there's an episode of Red Dwarf - back in the day I'd have given you the episode title and series number, but I appear to be losing my touch - where something happens (obviously) and Lister...possibly... Oh, hang on, it's coming back to me, I think the episode's Inquisitor. Anyway, to cut a long story short, there end up being two Listers and his old ship mates don't recognise the original Lister, his very existence having been erased for reasons I won't bother going into.

See, that's like me. Not only is my journal gone (I think??) and I can't sign in as Boy With The Thorn, but I can't even register as Boy With The Thorn because somebody else has got that name on the forum! So, what am I but some anomaly in time and space, with no identity and no history?

Seriously, though, I'm sure the new site will be fabulous, and I'm not bothered if my journal's gone, it was a load of old tosh anyway. Maybe I'm even glad. I am mildly irked at having to change my name though.


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