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I haven't participated in a poster contest since 12th grade. The only reason I won was because I was the only participant.

So, I'm surfing, doing my rounds, when I get to, a favorite source of mine for fonts and artwork. They were sponsoring a digital poster contest, where they give you a folder of assets and you have to design the poster using one or some of the assets: fonts, photos, and vector art. This was my result:

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It wasn't easy. Some of the stuff looked unusable at first glance. There was a strange photo of carnival dancers that were cropped off at the head. There weren't even dancing; they looked like they were standing around waiting for their pay packets. So, I used the ground of confetti in the photo as an interesting texture.

I used dingbats from the dingbat font. The vector art I had to pull to pieces in order to grab what I wanted. I never worked so hard for a chicken. The fonts looked like they were designed from 1952. I feel like they were pushing me to design in retro style, but I pushed back. Anyway, not bad for a lazy afternoon.

To vote, scroll down to the bottom of the poster and click on the "+" sign on the left.

Thanks to all.


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