Panic On The Streets

Today's protests in Manchester's Piccadilly Gardens sees 400 Greater Manchester Police deployed. A live stream of the protest, that actually buffered more than it streamed, was hosted on Facebook by the user account The Manc.
It seemed that even the most fundamental aspect of the event, like who was protesting what, could not be agreed upon by anyone, down to the comment posters on the live feed.
Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson seems to be credited with the planning of the gathering, and the core slogan appeared to be centred around fighting extremism. And of course, the "opposition" were represented.
Who on EARTH has a problem with combating extremism?!
And why aren't THEY the ones being arrested and investigated.
I don't want to be misunderstood or have anything I say misconstrued by someone, so here is the tedious disclaimer.
I am not aligned with the "Right" or the "Left". I remain in keeping with my long-standing, widely known disposition on the values of individuality, self-determination, and general independence from ANY group or societal construct that upholds archaic or ethically questionable views.
(or, any views whatsoever!)
Both of my parents were of the opinion that one shouldn't even publicly discuss one's voting decisions.
They believed that those privacy curtains were applicable metaphorically, even once you'd left the polling station. I didn't appreciate how cool that was until I was in my twenties.
I also never saw either of them engaged in an argument with anyone. I guess they were politically correct before the term ever came about.
And just so we know the landscape, I grew up in one of THE most racist little Southern U.S. towns in history. (And, yes, it made the history books for a series of embarrassing race related reasons in the 1960's.) Here, again, I cite a very early causative factor in the formation of my Not-In-Any-Way Affiliated-With stance on any general consensus formed by more than a handful of people.
Now, I said all that to say this:
When a country finds itself under assault, it will generally seek out that enemy and eliminate it as a threat. This particular dilemma is taking the shape of War Without End because of the delicate nature of the surrounding considerations.
Namely, race and religion.
So, the Realm is paralyzed in a multitude of ways.
How can we neutralize the threat if every move made to organize a concerted effort to address the problem is met with the systematic marginalization of the ultimate goal of those who would see the country made safe for it's citizens?
If a group protests the imposition of Sharia law in this country, they are automatically thick, racist Little Englanders.
There are existing codes of law in the United Kingdom and the United States that are in no way congruous to the inclusion of a separate rule of law for ANY group of people, (with the exception of indigenous tribal codes that exist much in the same way sovereignty of states exist, and with the same Federal subjugation.)
In fact, both countries have fought wars to ensure the protection of it's citizens from laws based on religion.
The United Kingdom has a long, bloody history intertwined with the divisions of governance of specific religious alignments and beliefs.
Why would any religion or group of people approach a nation, in some cases, asking for safety from persecution by their religious laws, only to seek to establish that same system of law inside the asylum of the new nation?
Illogical, Captain.
And why would anyone who hates Western Christians or people of other faiths, or lack thereof, want to go live amongst them?
Do they mean to integrate and be a part of the new culture?
Not likely.
Then, is it to infiltrate and annihilate?
Well, we already know, don't we? Because they tell us.
They have been clear on the plan for some time.
And, in the case of European-wide terrorism, I would assert that the liberal human rights that we all value and support have enabled these groups more than anything else.
I don't have a position or assertion as to what I think should be done.
I am not a counter-terrorism expert and I don't promote extremism in government any more than I would in fringe elements.
But, for all the success that those who are seem to be achieving, I might as well be!
This looks like it's resolution-proof.
Minds and hearts aren't going to be suddenly shifted to reasonable settings.
Activities are not going to cease being carried out.
So, where does that leave us?
At perpetual risk?
We changed how we live years ago.
We saw it coming because we could see what was happening around us.


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