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This morning

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Last night. Stayed late in the city with friends. 9pm and a lot of commuters heading to the peninsula.

Every now and then I will get a wild hair and change the routine. I do this periodically and it's like a breath of fresh air. I have done this one before. I like the people watch and the variety you see. The SF Bay Area has a pretty good train system. A 20-30 minute train can take me into the city and that is the same as driving. I am 18 miles south of SF. Sometimes I cycle into the city and ride the train back. Today I am tired, so train both ways today. When you get into the city, everyone seems to be cycling around. SF paints the one lane green lanes in a lot of roads that are only for cyclist. I like having options for a commute, car bike or train.


We are probably within 5 miles of each other. I live in the 94010 zip
Yep. 94065 here. I'm at the Steelhead Brewery in Burlingame nearly every Saturday for lunch, with your zip I'm sure you know the place. Love their IPA on cask.

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