onwards and upwards

Nothing gets me out of the house. Nothing. I'll find ways around it.

But on Sundays I have to work. You must be sooo envious. It's funny, I used to roll out of bed at the last minute and race to work, where coffee was waiting and intelligent people were shining. These days, I need about three hours at home before dragging myself out to the wrong side of town to mingle with the wrong types of people. I just want to feel like I do more with my day than just work. Need my coffee time, staring at the trees. And music.

This time of year is my favourite, although it's lonely at the same time. All the family members I was really close to have passed.

I usually watch the entire series of Keeping Up Appearances during December, as it's cosy and funny, and my mom and I used to watch that together back in the day.

Reminds me of this customer at work who looks like the character of Richard, if you can imagine Richard with a cane. He's in line at the checkout and the cashier is asking if he's in the rewards program. The man is already agitated after spending only a few minutes in line at the other checkout station, exclaiming that it's taking an hour (it's not). So he screams his name at the poor cashier, oblivious to how funny this is:

"Tit !!!"
"The last time is Titwell!"

With the emphasis on "tit" - I mean, really, it's just one letter away from Twit.

It's seriously one thing per day like this.


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