Oh Solo Mio!


The events of the last few days have truly been the pits. Like watching a bad Italian opera.

A son is forever banished from his father's house; the son’s loyal friends battle with the father’s supporters, and a legion of ghostly apparitions only known as The Anonymous jeer and mock on the other side of the wall. Meanwhile, the dead-weight of a household staff are diving off the castle roof like lemmings and meeting their demise in a burning pile of record albums waiting below.

I must admit, Morrissey sure has a flair for melodrama. His "fans" are not that far behind. I never believed Morrissey would ever take interest in a news/fansite with anything more than a passing interest, but apparently the old doll has had enough. Enough of Morrissey-Solo, enough of DavidT and most importantly, enough of that noisy, and nosy part of that constituency that fawn, whine and obsess over his every move, give him unneeded career advice, submit their own playlists and whine how he should get rid of his band or become some kind of limey Jimmy Buffet.

I feel like a child in a divorce. Who’s side am I suppose to be on? I wish I can magically transport DavidT and Morrissey to the nearest bowling alley, have them play a few frames and perhaps come to a peace treaty of sorts. That’s not likely to happen. There really is no happy ending.

A famous Irish writer once said the only thing worse that being talked about is not being talked about. Fast forward to 2011 to another famous Irish writer who said the world is indeed full of crashing bores and I must be one because I enjoy the site. I try to ignore the trolls, avoid the troublemakers and try every once in a while to contribute in a positive way. Morrissey-Solo is for the fans; it’s a global community I needed to be part of years ago when I attended my first Morrissey concert in 1992. I went alone, had a wonderful time but no one to discuss Morrissey’s hair, what he wore, what the band wore, and so forth. I don't feel I "need" it now, but I like it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Morrissey doesn’t have to approve of Morrissey-Solo, or like DavidT or even like his own fans. I don’t care if Morrissey even likes me, or my views or my artwork. I will still check out Morrissey-Solo on my free time, contribute however I could, while Morrissey will continue to be forever Morrissey. I will still support him and still go the the shows. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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