My cat's ashes

I got his ashes back yesterday. They are all gathered in a little black urn for animals who weighed about 2,5 kilos at the time of their death. The urn is not decorated at all, which is fine with me. I don't need images of paws and hearts and stuff on it. So, the guy at the cemetery gave me a golden paw, one of those that you can use for crafting or for decorating presents. I told him that I liked it, so he gave me two more paws of the same kind, and said that he unfortunately didn't have a fourth one. I told him that I didn't mind, so he gave me a golden heart of the same size, and said, "Now you have four".

Inside his office at the cemetery gate, there was a second urn waiting to be picked up. It was massive. A white ceramics urn, elegantly curved, with beautifully golden handwritten letters saying, "Carlos". Next to it was a blue card with a golden paw print on it. Seems that this is something the cemetery warden does, coloring the dead animal's paw, in this case it was a doberman, and then making a print of it. Looked very nice. I asked him if he would have done this for T. too, and he answered "yes", and that he would remember it when my "other cat" came in. This made me go numb inside, and I quickly drove home with T.'s ashes on the passenger seat.

I looked at some pictures again today. He was such a handsome looking cat, even shortly before his death. His fur shiny, his eyes still glowing like a candle. He would never let himself go, but kept up appearances as well as he could in his condition. He was such a fine fellow. I miss him very much.


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