Mourning becomes Omi Kron

I was looking at some pictures again which had been taken shortly after his death. Hadn't done so for three weeks coz there was simply no time to get into contact with my sadness at the end of the day.
Actually, I'm glad I took these pics. Now that I have his ashes here, I need to remind myself what he looked like when the flames got him. Even in death, he had the shiniest fur and sweetest features, his ears waiting to be kissed. He was an angel.
My other cat, P., went through some difficult weeks too. He had stopped eating his wet food, so I had to feed him dry food only, which I try to avoid. Then he stopped eating that as well, so I fed him freeze-dried chunks of chicken, which he ignored after a few days. He was hungry though, I could see that, but whatever I served him, he just sniffed at and then ignored it.
This morning I had to force-feed him with some emergency liquids, left-overs from T., coz he couldn't walk properly any longer, that's how weak he was.
Well, so while I was sitting here looking at pictures of my dead T., the tears began falling again, and all the sadness was back again, in a good way, I felt reconnected.
Suddenly P., who had been lying on the sofa for some time, jumped down, stretched himself with shakey legs, and then walked to the five different bowls filled with cat food of all sorts. He wolved down a handful of senior plus grainfree dry food and then continued with a plate of trout fish wet food sprinkled with an emergency chicken liver powder as appetizer. All gone now. Hadn't seen and heard him eating so heartily for weeks. I am glad that he still does eat. He is sleeping now in his basket.
Anyways, that's how we are connected here.


When Alex died, Chance would find places where Alex used to sleep in various areas of the home and he’d just rub his cheeks against the carpet and stay in that spot for a long time. That was his way of mourning. Thank God he didn’t stop eating. Chance was a good boy. He would sit next to me while I sobbed and just look me in the eyes. I cried every day for nearly a year and I have the dark rings around my eyes to this day.

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