Morrissey's Boss

Okay. So I worked at a Barnes & Noble Bookstore for eight years. The entirety of that eight years my boss was a man named Mike Beals. I got to know Mike's patterns and hang-ups and work modes in order to be a good worker when I needed to and a decent slacker when I could get away with it. I learned that when Mike was crunching numbers and stressed about payroll budgeting and returns, he'd get into his super productive zone and it was time to work efficiently so as to please him so you wouldn't become a target of his frustration. When Mike was chatting and smiley and happy and you could tell that he was going to be parked at his desk all afternoon, you knew that you'd be safe hanging out at cashwrap doing a crossword puzzle.

So now that I've woken up or whatever and my boss is God, I've learned a few things about studying Him. It gets a little confusing here because I'm under the impression that sometimes people play God, like Masons and Crowlians and whatnot, but for the most part you kinda know when the real God is talking to you. So the thing about Him or Her or whatever makes you comfortable imaging, is that He doesn't have a body. He doesn't know touch. This is not to say he doesn;t know orgasm which is an energy, but touch, tenderness, bodily contact, these concepts are foreign to Him because he has no body. He's all mind. Is he in our minds? Yes. Is he outside of our minds? Yes. But the thing about not having a body is that he dwells in thought. He LOVES thoughts. He loves that he can make his presense known in thoughts. So when we yammer on about "Northern Soul" and I come along and say "Oh yeah, look at how God placed the northern God Tyr in Glamourous Glue." THAT is like a hug and a high five to God. That is great. Now the problem is for Morrissey, His boss is God. But Morrissey needs to be loved and his singing of longing for love doesn't mesh with His Boss's plans to be mentally hugged. God doesn't understand that yearning because he has no physical body, but he still works with Morrissey's words in order to provide great ideas in Morrissey's work. But forever, and I mean eternally, God and Morrissey will be at odds with what their needs are because they exist in different states. Actually, if Morrissey finds love and touch, God would be fine with that, it's just in the meatime God uses Morrissey like a video game.

For instance, the other day I got an email from a friend asking me to join Foursquare. It's a game that ties into the GPS tracker on your phone. If you go somewhere enough times and check in the most, you become the "mayor" of that check-in location. So he and another guy are competing to be the mayor of the building he works at because they both check in once a day. I emailed him back and said I didn't need foursquare to tell me I was the mayor of Chipotle and ten minutes later I met the devil in the parking lot and almost got hit by a truck. :straightface: So it's not like God wouldn't be crabby about the idea of Morrissey not needing to tour and search and yearn and be alone and in the meantime God scash in on that yearning, but it just would take Morrissey putting his foot down and saying he's had enough, then God would get over it and find new ways to express greatness. It's important to understand that God having no body means that unless Morrissey takes the step to do what he feels comfortable doing and to do it with who he feels comfrotable doing it with, (I have a partial opinion on that matter :p) this eternal searching and yearning, this energy that Morrissey exudes will be used by God FOREVER to drive His great car. He has no sympathy for the years it takes to pour oneself into an album or a tour, because God doesn;t get old, his body doesn't breakdown, his bones don't get tired, he does not age. He does not care about that stuff. So never will God give up and hand Morrissey physical solitude, a planned skin storm (unless the Masons who play God help Morrissey in that area) because physicalness is not on Gods agenda. Greatness is which knows no physical. In short, Morrissey's Boss will have him working into the grave with the promise of fulfillment, but God's idea of fulfillment and Morrissey's idea of fulfillment are completely different in nature.


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