Morrissey and my love life

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Morrissey and my love life

"Found, found, found," (1)
Our first date was at the House of Blues in Hollywood, to see the lovely Sweet and Tender Hooligans on 12/13/08. The evening started with dinner, and Jose (the lead singer) stopped by and had a drink with us. I had met Jose in 1992 at Rhino Records while we were both shopping for rare Smiths/Morrissey albums. He told me about the Morrissey cover band he was starting and invited me to his show. I have been stopping by his shows ever since (19 years)
This show was different, I was on a first date with a woman who I was completely enamored with. I wasn't even sure it was a date, then the curtain raised, she grabbed my arm, I turned into her and it definitely left the plutonic level. We stayed entwined someplace in the very back, missing most of the show, but I still found moments to sing lyrics to her that I especially wanted her to feel.
Over the past three years our love has grown and she has learned every Morrissey/Smith's song ever written. On our first anniversary, she gave me a bracelet with "My Dearest Love" engraved on top. She has traveled with me from state to state to see Morrissey live and even held strong and got a piece of one of his Gucci shirts for me. We have a huge Morrissey Postponed poster that we framed to remember the shows that we made it to, but he didn't :) And there were also the shows like Paris, where I happened to be in France the night Morrissey was playing. I walked down the street and saw a large line of people, I turned and said "what if that was Morrissey playing?" I couldn't speak French, so I didn't ask. Had I only looked up, I would have seen the large MORRISSEY marquee (sigh). I did get to have drinks in the bar later with a few American girls who had traveled from San Diego and told me all about the show. Still can't believe I missed that one!!

With her appreciation and acceptance of my Morrissey/Smiths obsession that has lasted over 25 years. On, 11/19/11, I made her legally mine, we were married in Washington DC, because it is one of the only places two females can legally marry in America. The pre-ceremonial music included Zooey Deschanel's singing "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" and we walked down the aisle to "To Me You Are a Work of Art".

When we were looking for possible honeymoon choices and discovered that Morrissey was playing, we were in complete bliss. What were the chances? The Las Vegas show on 11/25/11 was the last night of our honeymoon and we spent it watching Morrissey live. I cannot express how amazing this was to me, since I have been a fan for so many years.
The Vegas show was the most special of them all because my experience with Moz's songs over the years has shaped me into who I am. The concert opened with church bells that we are convinced were for us and then his first words were "por favor, por favor, por favor", just like the beginning of our wedding where we played "please, please, please". My bride and I held each other and danced to "All the Lazy Dykes" and a tear fell from my eye when he talked about Thanksgiving and played the haunting and deeply melodic version of "Meat is Murder".

I would like to think that if Morrissey knew we were in the audience, he would have not only yelled out "muchachos, but also muchachas" Regardless, I felt every note and every lyric deep in my heart and experiencing that with the love of my life by my side was Priceless.

Thank You Morrissey


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