Memorial Day, Mtn. Bike, Kite Surfing

Memorial Day, I know and honor you.

After Yesterday's sufferfest of 60+ miles and 6000+ feet of climbing, I enter today with family and bikes.
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We cycled along the bay trail of the San Francisco Bay estuary. Very beautiful day.
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Also some stretches of sand, the kids like to look for shells.
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All told we spent about 8 miles on the trail.

In the afternoon I needed to spin the legs out and did a 20 miler on the road bike. The wind really picked up. I love riding by this cove area when it's windy. Look at that kite surfing. My wife asked me when we are going to do this when I got home. There is a big scene out here.
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Yes, we were on the bay trail. Traveling via coyote, seal and mariners point. The kit surfing pic is between seal and mariners points. The sand pic is near coyotes point.
It is absolutely stunning out there. We have often parked at the redwood shores library (we like that library too) and start our cycling there with that trail, we like the neighborhoods, views and lookouts as you go around what is the redwood shores community and the bay it borders. It's weird but at the tip there is this old factory, but right next to it is a area of water that is alway filled with 100's of really cool birds (some look like swans) just kicking back.

I'll use the bay trail as my flat warm up by riding to ralston, climbing to Canada, then to woodside where I can do various climbs and loops.

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