Maybe God's doing me a favor

But you know back when I was writing all those lame posts about symbolism thinking Morrissey and I were on the same page and then YOR was released and he sang all these songs about being alone, and whopee fate just handed it to me and all that? I'm pretty sure if he did see me haunt him that he hated me. :straightface: So maybe what God's saying today is, "Get on with your life. He still kinda hates you."

Or maybe I'm just seeing that as a way of finding some resolution. As if the man himself SAYING TO MY FACE that he doesn;t see signs isnt enough resolution. Bleh.

Then I see other stuff that is so clear...I'm so confused. :squiffy:

AND BARKING, if you're reading, how can a person comment on whether something is a sign or not if you don't enable comments? :D


I think you know by now not to read too much into Moz lyrics these days :straightface:
good for you :thumb::p
And as for "Barking", I've given up reading his blog since he won't let us comment ;)
I know. So frustrating right? He asks rhetorical questions all the time too. :p

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