Love letter

I just composed a long love letter to my wife. In summary, I am grateful she came into my life.

When thinking about my life and then documenting it, there is a tinge of sadness with the awareness that so many people can't see what to be grateful for in their lives. That they may not experience life the way I do. I will note though, I do not feel guilt for this as it has been my decisions and hard work that brought me to here.

My life has included incredible suffering on many different levels and over many different periods of time. But I am still grateful for those times as they made me who I am and put me exactly where I am.


Your words are equal to you photographs. Both amazing in detail and clarity. You have made your way and created an amazing life for yourself and your family. I would rather be buried with a trunk full of happy memories than currency. Spend your money, and your love, give your heart, but save your memories as they are the very air that you breathe. The last time I checked a dollar or a pound cannot love you back. As you wrote, it is not the challenges that face you, but it is what you do and how you deal with them that determine your ultimate happiness.

You have succeeded where many others have failed. Nothing to feel sad or guilty about. You worked for the life you have, and for that you should feel thankful for the gifts you were given and that you choose to recognize and fulfill them. Introspection is a light necessary to shed light into one's own shortcomings and weaknesses, it is those with a powerful soul that can turn the light outward and brighten the lives of others. You have this gift and being "grateful" is a direct sign that you recognize this.
But I also understand that some people don't want happiness. I'm ok with that until they want to hurt others.

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