Listening to my dad

So around 11 am I call my dad who lives down the street from where I'm housesitting today and ask him what he's up to. He's kind of a troglydyte, he hates leaving his house for any reason other than going to the grocery store. But he starts telling me that he has to go to OSH which is a hardware store because a fuse burnt out in his motor home that he's remodeling. Then he starts detailing all the things he needs to purchase, like matching galvanized screws for the dashboard, but they all have to match. Ten he tells me that he;s taken a shower and he's ready to go but he doesn't want to go and he hates going. So I listen while quitely making my whiskey tango foxtrot face which looks like this:


because he keeps saying he doesn't want to go. I offer to go with him because I gotta run down the hill too to buy dogfood but he decides he'll buck up and go. Then I get back and theres a message on the phone. As I'm playing the message I'm also listening to Plan B and my dad says "Okay I was going to ask you a question but I'm out of here."

Oh, dad. :o

And while I was downtown I went to Aaron Bros to buy some silver frames who the employer Gabriel securely wrapped in bubble wrap and while down there I read a text from a friend that Horton Hears a Who by Dr Seuss was touching on abortion when he wrote "a person's a person no matter small" and ended the text with a sad face. Plan B? What?

I woulda left too. Creeptastic. Weird day.

The tacos were delicious, the day was beautiful and I got to pet a ginormous macaw at the pet store. :D


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