Lazy From The Heat

Hello Folks.

Well, reviewing my previous blog post, i see i wrote that i promised to report back within a month's time. Well, promise broken. Sorry about that. :tears: From now on i promise not to make promises i'm sure i can't keep.

Anyway, it's been three months now. So much to blog about! I haven't really written in quite a while, so i'm a bit out of practise. I come on here with a plethora of words i'm just itching to type down, and now that i'm here i just freeze up like a computer full of malware. Is there such a thing as online social phobia? Because i honestly think i may have it. Sometimes i get nervous just logging onto facebook! Ridiculous i know. Well, i'm sure it's nothing that several sessions of professional counseling can't fix. :lbf:

Well, seeing how i am temporarily at a loss for words, i will end this brief entry. But i'll be back soon. I've got too much free time on my hands at the moment to not be. Kind of a long story, which is reserved for a future blog.

I think i'm gonna go check out the main page, and see if there's an actual real post about tonight's concert.


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