Jobriath A.D. screening @ London Lesbian & Gay Film festival

joe frady;1986706905 said:
devout;1986706841 said:
I'm going tomorrow evening....

Would you let us know how it turns out?

And maybe he will be there...y'know? The man himself. He's in the country I hear. So y'never know do you? Just imagine...Joe Elliot. In the flesh. V.jealous :guitar:

Really enjoyed it and is a must dvd, I'm gonna get it as I wanna see the extras.

Morrissey turned down 3 invites to be involved.

I'm fascinated now. Am going to NYC in June for 5 days and wanna have a mooch around Chelsea Hotel (though its shut)....

Morning Starship is such a tune.....

Ask any questions if you wanna....


I wonder why Morrissey turned down 3 invites to be involved? Quite odd.

I am definitely going to catch it on DVD/streaming when it is available.

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