It's The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine

Nothing annoys me worse than made up compound names for couples and/or situations.
Fortunately, that tendency seems to be on it's way out.
Along with any British subservience to the European Union.
Whilst this gives me immense pleasure on behalf of my ancestral blood and current national identity, it also gives me a fair amount of anxiety about what is to come.
When his Lordship came into my room this morning at dark thirty and announced in a whisper that it was final, "We're Out!", the first thing that popped into my (apparently) highly colonised Yankee mind was, "this must be what it was like to hear that South Carolina had seceded from the Union..."
Yeah, I felt terribly American right that second.
That's not something that happens all that often.
This is something that I feel tied into on a genetic level.
Some things, it's definitely that deep.
I would say I certainly feel that strongly about the national sovereignty issue.
Definitely about opposition to federal rule by un-elected individuals.
When I first got here and began to shape my assessments of the reality, my views were
very clearly cemented in a belief that Britain needed a pathway out of the E.U.
And my views have nothing whatsoever to do with any Right-wing mentality, xenophobia, racism, ignorance, any of the things the other camp want to marginalise the common sense of leaving into in order to undermine the validity of the democratic process.
I don't aim to be long-winded.
His Lordship and I have been engaged in intense conversation all evening and the sun is peering onto the backside of our grey cloud cover this fine, Northern English morning.
I am finally, off to bed. Dizzy from Cava. Maybe taking two steps where one would have sufficed....
But, I am finally, after years of an oppressive Tory regime, relieved.
I am certain it will be tumultuous.
I am sure it will be difficult.
Definitely charged with more irritating rhetoric than I can possibly imagine bearing.
But, it is the declaration of independence of a nation from tyranny.
I have been witness to that.
It is an historically monumental event that will give rise to the re-birth of a truly Great Britain.
If the Celts weren't such self-interested whingers, they would be on board for the journey to something better. But, the dour infants are going to spit their dummies out and throw their toys from the pram and have a little red-faced fit.
Off you go, Scotland.
But, I'd make sure there's going to even BE an E.U. to apply for membership to before I scheduled a date for ANOTHER referendum on independence from the UK.
We're already hearing talk of implementing an E.U. rule to a second referendum on Brexit.
It's been decided. Deal with it!
We just have to sit out all the tantrums that are to come.
I wish I knew how long to project it lasting, but I fear it will trudge on way past anything tolerable.
It has been surreal watching something that really needed to happen actually happen.
And then, on the heels of that, Cameron is actually keeping a promise to resign!
Strange days indeed.


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