I'm losing my mind

First off, throbbing anus. Wakes me up from a dead sleep, then I think, "Okay another day of this, I can handle it."

I pay hundreds of dollars, and I'm not rich, HUNDREDS of dollars a year to insure my dogs eat the most quality food, the main reason to keep my dog BARNEY from itching. Corn makes his skin itchy. My mom has got it in her head that she NEEDS TO FEED my dogs cheap Wal Mart dog snacks whose number one ingredient is corn. I asked her not to. Politely. She denied she did it. THen she started HIDING THE TREATS and sneaking them to the dogs from her closet while I was asleep. Now she has a hideout in the kitchen. I CAN HEAR HER REACHING INTO THE BAG AND FEEDING THEM CHEAP ASS TREATS. WHen I ask her what she is doing, she LIES and says "I'M GETTING MY MILK." So my mom is lying, she's feeding my dogs treats that in the end make them miserable and itchy but they don't know it, she gets the gratification that she's getting away with something, I get tested having to sort through her lies and I've f***ING HAD ENOUGH. JUST BEING f***ING CRAZY GIRL IS ENOUGH ALREADY, this is the straw that is breaking the camel's back. AND IT FORCES ME TO BE STERN AND ANGRY WITH MY OWN MOTHER WHO IS ZOMBIED INTO THIS. f***. You.


This happens while I am supposed to be sleeping but it all wakes me up. I am seething with hatred, something I should not be doing.
The throbbing anus is just me being bizarre. I experience the weird thing I can only equate to feeling like being analy raped by a ghost. It's irritating as hell and I sense it in the night when I'm still. It's like my butt will throb and in the distance either a person or an animal will moan or front for some other reason. Hate. It.

Thanks for your guys empathy and listening. That means alot. I know I can seem weird but irl when I'm not being raped by ghosts I'm totally normal. :p
Grunt. Not front. Autocorrect!
And not that anyone cares, but I'm under the impression two kinds of ghosts haunt me. One of them is very specific and I attribute to morrissey. He did not analog rape me because, oddly, I was morrissey when it happened. And it wasn't me because I don't have a dick and ghosts can't use inanimate objects. So it was the third part of my three parts or the OTHER ghost I see setting up an elaborate ruse that is supposed to ruffle my feathers and make me fighty and force me to do great work but in reality, I don't really care anymore.

Omg this sounds f***ing crazy. I hate being "that girl."

Hey Robby. While I was sitting here eating lunch I was thinking about you and your mom issues. How's that going, living on the couch?
Lol it autocorrected anally as analog.
CrystalGeezer;bt176 said:
Hey Robby. While I was sitting here eating lunch I was thinking about you and your mom issues. How's that going, living on the couch?
we are looking for a place that is big enough for me to have my own room, so it looks like I will be staying here at least another year :straightface:
unless I win the lottery, of course :p
but thx 4 askin CG :o

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