I'm a Grandmother!!

Still can't get over the fact that el hijo numero uno has spawned!!!
I am to be called Mimi.
I still want another baby myself, but I know there's no chance I'd ever have a girl.
I've always known I'd only have sons.
And, hilariously, I always said I bet I'd end up with a gaggle of Granddaughters.
She's called Adeline Harper, and I hope that is an homage to Harper Lee and not the Beckham baby.
I haven't enquired, as I'd rather hang out with my assumption than face some embarrassing notion.
It's a sweet little name, as surely, by any other, she would still be as sweet.
Here's a birthday photo....


And the Happy Parents....

I totally understand the Grandparent bragging thing now!!!
You know, I'm so glad I thwarted convention, now I'll be around much longer than if I'd adhered to societal norms, (for ONCE in my life)! I'd love to say it was insight and prior planning, but it was just Kismet! Serendipity!


This is wonderful news. Congratulations to the new parents. May the adventures begin.
The collective of intricate details of conception, mitochondrial agreement, precision development during gestation, culminating in successful birth are nothing shy of utterly miraculous! Human bodies are so awesome, aren't they? Then, there's the sacred inhabitant of the body, the souls we come to know and adore!
At least til puberty, then it's unconditional love, despite their best efforts to drive you to the poor house as a stark raving lunatic!
The love I have for my children never ceases to exponentially expand. Sometimes I feel as though it's so much bigger than me, like I might just POP!
I am so pleased for them! They are going to be great parents!
Thank you for your kind words!
How are you and family?
I just want to send my best wishes to you and your family.Congratulations!!!!!!

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