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Can you look in the mirror and say you don’t hurt people?


My wife and I were adding new stuff to the gym today. She wanted a mirror in the gym and had been mentioning it the last two weeks as we looked for what we wanted. I feel very comfortable looking in the mirror. Not in the vanity way but in the technique way. As I view myself, I can gauge my physical appearance and ask is that matching the work I am doing to it. That is the superficial and objective reason.

I also look at myself in the eyes and ask myself questions. What are my motivations, my drives, my reasons, my goals and my spirit? This daily review is what keeps me centered to those ends. I am the first to call out once I find that I’ve strayed in these attributes. When I arrived three years ago, I was called a troll. They proffered I was a fake, using stolen facebook pictures to express my life. The forum was used to crazies and fakes as they ate up most of the bandwidth. I was perplexed with the hating and shaming, as it was not how I was living. I could not share in their hate. This is what would put someone like me off and send him or her away. I also believe there are many wonderful people here, then and now, as I have seen many of them.

I started this blog in what seems like along time ago (if I use the gauge of how my kids have grown). It has been for me, just like looking in the mirror. I get to see who I really am. A snap shot of those mirrored reflections of asking, did I do the right thing for myself and did I also do the right thing for others around me. By extension, I got to confirm the type of person that made me do those life things. I know I may have been tiring with the blog. But really, it was just me waking up and getting out the front door to live, with purpose, everyday. My life is a simple byproduct of just this.

The mirror asks today, you knew all along whom you were, but whom more than you needed to see it.

No1uno was here.

And it case you never got it, it is pronounced, “No one you know”.


I apologize for being one of the doubters. The climate back then was one of paranoia fueled by a major mentally unhinged person who is no longer posting here.

This week is my 12th year anniversary writing my blog. Keep it up and never impulsively delete your entries. You will treasure them even more as time passes. I am NOT the same person I was twelve years ago. Heck I'm not the same person I was two years ago.
^^ so true, and yes I understand. I obviously held no offense to you or anyone else. I don't keep a diary so I have really enjoyed doing my blog. You realize over time, darn, I've put a lot of stuff in there that is very important to me and about me. I do not hate the world, I do not hate people, and more importantly I don't hate me. In life (not just here) I have been hated (by some) for loving (pun intended).

But more than that, I appreciated the ones that were true to themselves even if they were the negative ones. At least I felt they were honest, even though I thought it was sickening. A person who acts out, well they can't help themselves sometimes when making their point. A person who only tries to destroy the character of a person, that person is just plain bad. They hate or toy with people for joy. I see those, I know who they are. You know too, the poster who tells you everything, but nothing of who they are. You weren't one of those in my mind.
I am glad you harbor no ill feelings towards me. I have enjoyed reading your blog and following along on your adventures. You have a good soul and it shows in your words and actions.

Some people are so negative that optimistic people really piss them off. It is obvious you don't let the turkeys get you down. Keep being happy; it is infectious.

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